I first met Vonda when she came to the Ramsburg YMCA as a sponsor for our Silver Sneakers Price is Right game day. After several encounters with her at the Y it became clear to me that I wanted her to be my agent. Several other folks felt the same way, so she arranged a meeting with us to discuss the appropriate supplemental health coverage that was best suited for our individual needs. She was extremely knowledgeable and had print outs and charts for visual explanations. She answered all of our questions, including ones we hadn't even thought to ask. I believe that my health coverage is best for my needs, and am confident that Vonda will continue to look out for best interest.  

Susan N.

  Vonda knows her stuff when it comes to insurance and Medicare! She will work hard to find the best plan for you and will follow up to make sure you are getting all of the benefits that your plan offers. To steal a phrase from one of my favorite podcasters - she "puts the cookies on the lower shelf where we all can reach them" - by explaining in terms that normal people can understand. You will not be sorry if you choose Vonda to help you navigate all things Medicare.  

Gay B.

  A few months ago I went to bingo and met a wonderful woman named VONDA GRANGER. She was the moderator and I decided to allow her to assist me with getting a good Medicare program. I must say, she did EXCELLENT. I'm thankful we met and I plan to continue to do business with her. Vonda is the best; professional, patient, and a joy to associate with.